So simple even a child could use it

Cloud-based compliance management software powered by Lawgistics

Who’s got the time to do all of this?

Keeping track of templates, downloading new copies, worrying whether forms have gone out of date, trying to track recent legislation changes, backing up all the documents – it all chews through your time – and that’s before you even do any record-keeping.

It’s no wonder people and companies fall behind or don’t even bother with some types of records.

There has to be a better way.

Making it child’s play

Can you afford to not do this?

Fines, legal fees, compensation, tribunals – everything costs. Compliance is objective but enforcement officers are subjective, which leaves you one bad management decision away from potential disaster. Our aim is to prevent you ever reaching these situations.

There is a better way.

With HR Manager you’re automatically using the latest version. Our online forms guide you through the correct process for a range of events from accidents and inspections to creating handbooks and policies.

We even automatically file and store them for you as well as taking care of backing up your vital information. If the legislation changes, so do our forms.

Compliance audit

Is your company prepared for compliance scrutiny?

Free compliance audit

Are you compliant?

Are your employment contracts and disciplinary procedures up to date? Is your Health & Safety up to scratch? Do you know your GDPR obligations? Do you have a Fire Management Plan?

Find out how exposed you are on these and many more issues by going through a Compliance Audit with one of our staff. There’s no obligation and no cost.

If you’re interested, find out about all the other cool things we do to make the boring stuff easier and quicker.


Control check

You allocate HR, GDPR and Health & Safety roles (HR Manager, Data Controller, Designated Person, First Aid Administrator) and decide which kind of records people see as well as for which locations and departments.

Track and manage employee appraisals, grievances and disciplinaries.

Track and manage employee holidays, lateness and absences. Record notes on employee profiles, upload doctor notes and schedule notifications for when they expire.

Compliance check

Specific guidance notes for HR, GDPR and Health & Safety roles explaining responsibilities and duties, including instructions on how to use the template letters and reports.

Complete your data audit and manage your GDPR duties and responsibilities. Carry out a data audit, issue data controller contracts and create privacy notices.

Manage and monitor both personnel and company Health & Safety duties and responsibilities. Create a company handbook and policies. Complete weekly/monthly reports including risk assessments, fire safety, RIDDOR, COSHH and much more.

Metrics check

HR Manager uses an automated Bradford Factor to identify trends and prompt reviews.

Snapshot overviews of staffing, training, reminders and management concerns at company, location and departmental level to empower decision-making.

Easily create reports to cover custom time periods.

What’s in it for you?

HR Manager is cloud-based software designed to assist employers manage their legal obligations in relation to Employment Law, Human Resources, Health & Safety and Data Protection. Fully utilising HR Manager will demonstrate best practice, assist in the meeting of legal obligations and show due diligence.

In using HR Manager business owners, directors and management can delegate responsibilities and duties to designated people within the business whilst monitoring compliance from their desktop.

With no limitations on users, locations, departments, employees or storage, HR Manager will meet the requirements of any sized company, group or organisation.

Full Feature List

  • Cloud-based Software
    providing enhanced security and limitless connectivity
  • Unlimited Storage
    unlimited data and document storage (subject to reasonable use)
  • Free Updates
    automatically updated when new content or features are added
  • Scheduled Back-ups
    peace of mind that your data will be backed up
  • Role-based User Accounts
    create unlimited user accounts to share and delegate responsibilities
  • Secure Online Filing System
    all employee records in one place, protected by a password
  • Self-drafting Contracts
    produce employee contracts, letters and company policies in minutes
  • Timekeeping
    monitor employee sickness, absences and holiday records
  • HR Management
    manage appraisals, performance reviews, grievances and disciplinaries
  • Data Protection Management
    create privacy policies, data controller contracts and manage GDPR duties
  • Health & Safety Management
    carry out and review risk assessments using system templates
  • Uploads
    upload documents and file them against an employee, location or department profile
  • Archives
    use the real-time reporting system to generate in-depth reports instantaneously
  • Concerns
    flag management concerns and record how they are resolved
  • Reminders and Page Memos
    set reminders and leave page memos
  • Guidance Notes
    access to easy to understand explanations
  • Telephone Advice and Online Support
    take advice from experts

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